Water Soluble Neem Oil(300 Ml)

Eco friendly way to Garden plant protection, broad spectrum results protect plants from many species of harmful insects and pests

Neem Organic Pest Repellent For All Plants

New Improved formula extra power  neem oil

Highly effective for pest control

Easily soluble in water. Ready to use

Broad Spectrum Results;

It protects plants from many species of harmful insects and pests.Suitable for Vegetables, Fruits, Flower Plants etc,

For Balcony Gardens, Terrace Gardens, Home Gardens, Orchards etc

Water Soluble Neem Oil is an ready mix formulation of neem oil when this product is mixed with water it gives clear milky white emulsion.

Neem can replace or enhance traditional chemical treatments and is beneficial to both organic as well as conventional agriculture

It does not harm beneficial insects and predators

Mode of action – water soluble neem oil is slow acting naturally based anti feeding insecticide, when used early or prior to an increase in pest numbers, it leads to feeding inhibition, fecundity and breeding ability

When applied at the recommended rates, this product is usually harmless to non target species and to beneficial insects and predatory mites,

The product prevent insecticide resistance

Not a water hazardous material low toxicity to bees

Usage rate 5 ML per liter of water duration between sprays 7 to 15 days in case of severe infestation 3 to 5 days till minimum threshold limits are reached

Dose: Add 5 – 10 ml  in 1 Lt Water and Spray on the plants (over leaves and under the leaves). Can also be mixed with irrigation / drip irrigation water for root application

Dispatch: 1-2 Days.

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